Sammelband mit Vielzahl von Autoren.

Herausgegeben vom „European Journalism Centre“

Veröffentlichung: 2012

Sprachen: Englisch, Russisch, Französisch, Spanisch, Georgisch

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Front Matter

  • For the Great Unnamed
  • Contributor List
  • What This Book Is (And What It Isn’t)
  • The Handbook At A Glance


  • What Is Data Journalism?
  • Why Journalists Should Use Data
  • Why Is Data Journalism Important?
  • Some Favorite Examples
  • Data Journalism in Perspective

In The Newsroom

  • The ABC’s Data Journalism Play
  • Data Journalism at the BBC
  • How the News Apps Team at Chicago Tribune Works
  • Behind the Scenes at the Guardian Datablog
  • Data Journalism at the Zeit Online
  • How to Hire a Hacker
  • Harnessing External Expertise Through Hackthons
  • Following the Money: Cross-Border Collaboration
  • Our Stories Come As Code
  • Kaas & Mulvad: Semi-finished Content for Stakeholder Groups
  • Business Models for Data Journalism

Case studies

  • The Opportunity Gap
  • A 9 Month Investigation into European Structural Funds
  • The Eurozone Meltdown
  • Covering the Public Purse with
  • Finnish Parliamentary Elections and Campaign Funding
  • Electoral Hack in Realtime
  • Data in the News: Wikileaks
  • Mapa76 Hackathon
  • The Guardian Datablog’s Coverage of the UK Riots
  • Illinois School Report Cards
  • Hospital Billing
  • Care Home Crisis
  • The Tell-All Telephone
  • Which Car Model? MOT Failure Rates
  • Bus Subsidies in Argentina
  • Citizen Data Reporters
  • The Big Board for Election Results
  • Crowdsourcing the Price of Water

Getting Data

  • A Five Minute Field Guide
  • Your Right to Data
  • Wobbing Works. Use it!
  • Getting Data from the Web
  • The Web as a Data Source
  • Crowdsourcing Data at the Guardian Datablog
  • How the Datablog Used Crowdsourcing to Cover Olympic Ticketing
  • Using and Sharing Data: the Black Letter, Fine Print, and Reality

Understanding data

  • Become Data Literate in 3 Simple Steps
  • Tips for Working with Numbers in the News
  • Basic Steps in Working with Data
  • The £32 Loaf of Bread
  • Start With the Data, Finish With a Story
  • Data Stories
  • Data Journalists Discuss Their Tools of Choice
  • Using Data Visualization to Find Insights in Data

Delivering Data

  • Presenting Data to the Public
  • How to Build a News App
  • News Apps at ProPublica
  • Visualization as the Workhorse of Data Journalism
  • Using visualizations to Tell Stories
  • Designing With Data
  • Different Charts Tell Different Tales
  • Data visualization DIY: Our Top Tools
  • How We Serve Data at Verdens Gang
  • Public Data Goes Social
  • Engaging People Around Your Data

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